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Adding new functionalty to Access application

February 19, 2013

Well, I have been coming up to speed on an old Access application.  Getting to know the db design, looking over the code, the forms, queries, reports.  All the stuff you typically would do before actually changing any of the code or db objects.  The application is a little more complicated because the data and code are in different dbs.  The code has linked tables referencing the data db.

My customer emailed me the other day and said “my boss wants to know if I can create a report to show the most popular science kits over the past 5 years.”  I responded back with an old baseball analogy, “that’s a can of corn”.

Translated means, of course, that is a rather basic request.  My first stop in building this solution for her is to play in the db a little.  I am not that familiar with the relationships of the data, but it looks normalized, meaning the tables have solid relationships and data redundancy is at a minimum.


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