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January 31, 2013

I meet again with my customer yesterday.  I went to get copies of the two dbs to put on my thumb drive so I could look at them.  The code db is stored locally on two computers.  I will only think of this as a single computer, since the changes that I will make in this DB will be simply copied to the other computer.  The intention according to my customer was to only have the code DB in a single place, but there are 4 other people who use the computer, so they copied it to another location.

The code db is the the one that is launched, contains the front end form and the other forms, queries and reports and other assets.  The code DB links or connects to the data db, which houses all the data.

I AM NOT SURE WHY THERE ARE SEPARATE DBs for the code and data?

What we need to do is MOVE THE code db to the network drive and store it with the data DB.  Whatever the issue is with trying to store the code db on the network needs to be resolved!

Then I can work on the code DB in a single location.

I think I need to get access to the share drive (Novell) where the DBs are located so I can set up a copy of each and try to get it to work correctly from their.

I think these are my steps….

get access to the share drive

create a copy of the data db on the share drive, in the same location (folder)

rename the copy to estecdata2.mdb

copy the code db to the share drive, in the same folder (i will need to work on getting the two DBs talking to each other in the same location)

rename copy to esteccode2.mdb

Once the data and code DBs are in place on share drive and talking to each other

Find what the problem is that has kept this solution from working.

I need to run this thinking past my coworker….he is sometimes helpful.  he may have a little history around the problem with trying to share on the same drive.

I need to share my thinking with my customer, tell her that i want to get this model setup first, and then work on specific issues.

Once I have this model compete, I will update both of the workstations where the system is accessed from.  Put a shortcut on the desktop to the code DB – which points to and consumes the data DB.

Look what I found.

I opened the code DB, browsed Database Tools | Visual Basic and found all the goodies.


I have just spend about 1/2 hr looking through the various Form and Report objects located in the code db.  Lots of VB here, this is where most of the work is being done.   The Form objects include local definitions of data, form elements, procedures and SQL code to speak to the data db.

My VB is very rusty, but the overall complexity of the project does not seem too bad.  As long as I can figure out what is being called, what is invoking the call, and pause, dump and break the execution to test things out along the way, I should be fine.



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