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New MS Access project

January 25, 2013

I meet with a new customer the other day who is using a 10 year old (at least) MS access DB.  The current version is 2003.  We meet for a couple hrs, with my client giving me the grand tour of the “science kits” area.  Interesting stuff.  She and 4 others work in support of a number of school districts, providing science kits for various units of study.  There are a lot of the kits and a lot of variation of the contents of the kits.

The DB supports the inventory, distribution, location etc. of the kits.

My customer walked me through the application, showing me how it works, what it does, what it is supposed to do, but does not.

There is a lot of old data in the DB, teachers, school districts and kits that should be removed, but cannot because of referential integrity rules.  For example, we cannot remove an old district building because there is an association with the id of that record in another table somewhere.

There are buttons that do not completely perform actions.

There are actions that are performed, but incorrectly.

There are forms that do not display data.

There are reports that are missing data.

There are calculations that are not correct.

There are calculations that are not complete.

There are forms that have buttons that do nothing, are not necessary.

The application also generates mailing labels that are used on the kits when they are shipped to districts.

There is a bit of date calculation that goes on.  Especially with return dates, due dates, based on starting dates.

Instruction materials processing center!

More more more to follow….


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