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Deploying a flex generated .swf

July 6, 2012

Today, I finally deployed my first compiled .swf file to our production server.  Over the past few weeks, I have been working on getting a local setup to mirror a production environment. This is not a trivial task when flex is involved.  The short of the story is I finally got FlexBuilder 3, ColdFusion 10 and MSSQL Server 2005 working together.  Today, I performed the following steps deploying a slightly upgraded .swf.

1 – Updated a couple text strings on buttons, a message on the opening form.

2 – Recompiled the flex project.

3 – Opened a window to the output path in my Coldfusion webroot (that’s where the compiled .swf and html files are written).

4 – Opened a connection to the production server – using windows explorer, authenticated to open the window.

5 – Launched the live application in a web browser

6 – Renamed the existing .swf file, appending the date to the end of the name, like: name_7_6_12.swf

7 – Refreshed the browser and saw the live application not load, as expected

8 – Copied the newly compiled .swf with the same name as the one I just renamed to the same location as the renamed .swf.

9 – Reloaded the browser and the application popped back to life with the newly deployed .swf in action.

The reason I rename the existing .swf on the live server was in case I had a problem with the remoting between flex and Coldfusion.  I was not completely sure that would work as expected.  This way, if I had a problem, I would remove the new .swf and remove the date from the renamed .swf and be back in business.

The last step involved will be checking in the two updated .mxml files into the SVN repository.

The end.


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