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Flex Builder 3 and Flash Builder 4

June 22, 2012

I have been having trouble getting my Flex Builder 3 application to connect using RemoteObject to my Coldfusion 10 software.  This should not be difficult, as both products are owned by Adobe.  Today I was researching the problem, again, but from a different perspective.  I found a useful link in the Adobe sphere, that discussed the use of Flash builder as an upgrade or as the successor of Flex Builder.  I checked into it a bit more and found that a free standard version of the software could be downloaded if you are an educator.  Adobe has done this type of thing before, good practice.  I put together the stated letter head and submitted a request for a serial #, which I would use to download the software.

Why not, I expect it will feel a lot like Flex builder, hopefully, it will integrate with my ColdFusion 10 seamlessly.  A man can dream!

An additional grok that occurred today was that Flex and AS both are complied technologies, unlike interpreted technologies like php, that get *interpreted at the time of rendering.  Flex and AS and .asp type files are complied first, they result in something, some type of file that gets deployed and rendered.  There is no interpretation that occurs with compiled files.  In the case of Flex and AS, the code, when void of syntax errors, compiles into a resultant .SWF file that is rendered via a html wrapper file.

Most of the time, I have to hear and think about things over and over to get a deep understanding of them.

10,000 to efficiency~


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