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Flex projects

June 20, 2012

As I am looking through my new application that I am supporting, I am reminded of a few key things regarding Flex projects.

Flex is proprietary software owned by Macromedia at one point and now Adobe.

Flex is a software that was intended to allow developers the ability to create Flash movies.

The output of result of Flex development is Flash movies.

Flex uses MXML, an XML type markup for building files that compile into a .SWF (flash movie).

Flex Builder is a proprietary IDE from Adobe. Hopefully, I can keep using it with my educator classification.

Flex uses MXML to build files  and visual items, like buttons and forms, while using ActionScript to code the bus. logic, events that comprise the actions carried out in the application.

ActionScript is OO and feels like javascript.

I find what I would refer to as the index file for the application, the driver, called ConferenceApp.mxml that includes a <mx:application tag that includes attributes like name space

<mx:Script tag>

That includes imports of other library files such as the primary ActionScript file that loads all the components and builds the initial GUI.

<mx:Script source=”classes/” />


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