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Creating localhost DSN in Coldfusion for MSSQL

June 18, 2012

I was working on my flex application today, the one that remotes into a Coldfusion back end.  I was attempting to create the local data source name in Coldfusion administrator to point to and connect to the DB that is part of the flex application.

I browsed to the CFIDE locahost/CFIDE/administrator, entered my password that I thankfully wrote down when installing Coldfusion last week and started the configuration process.

I typed in a Data Source Name, matching the one I found referenced in the flex application code.

I specified  Microsoft SQL server as the Driver

Entered the name of my local MSSQL server that I installed the week before, the name looked like this: localComputerName\LOCALSERVER.  This is the value I got from right clicking on the name of the server in my MSSQL 2005 client on the General tab next to Server name.

When I installed MSSQL server, I choose Windows Authentication, so I DID NOT HAVE TO SPECIFY A USERNAME OR PASSWORD.  I tried initially and got an error message saying I was not a trusted MSSQL user.

The trickiest part was having to turn on the TCP/IP connection in the MSSQL Configuration Manager.  When I expanded the SQL Server 2005 Network Configuration, I saw that TCP/IP was disabled.

Once I had enabled TCP/IP protocol and specified the name of the server, WITHOUT a User name and password, my DSN name verified.


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