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Where did my local server go?

May 31, 2012

After installing MSSQL 2005, I uninstalled MSSQL2000 and lost my local server.  I did not realize initially after installing 2005 that It had found the 2000 server instance and used it as the local server.  I thought it had somehow connected to our live server (ip address).  Foolish me.

Registering another server instance.

I created a new instance to our live server, the one I had been accessing using MSSQL 2000.

  • Right click on Database Engine
  • choose Server Registration.
  • In the Server name: specified the IP address
  • selected:  SQL Server Authentication
  • specified the login and password I had used in 2000.

After I had created the new registration to the server, I uninstalled SQL 2000, that is when I realized my opps…

Had to Re-install Database Services

I had to use the installation disks and install the SQL Server Database Services again.  This time I choose a named instance.

Now I have my localServer “my named instance” and my live server from the old 2000 instance working.

Restore the .bak file in new localServer

  •  right clicked on Databases
  • choose Restore Database…
  • Clicked on From Device:
  • Click the … button
  • Click the Add button
  • In the Locate Backup File window, found and selected .bak file
  • Selected the Named backupfile now loaded
  • Choose the database name in the To database: option (i did NOT have to create an empty shell for the DB)

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