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MSSQL 2005

May 31, 2012

I just installed MS SQL 2005 on my tower and laptop.  This is a feature rich program full of lots of support and posting on the web, but, I like to blog my own experiences.  By blogging, it helps me think through what I just did, and creates a record of what I have done for my benefit and a benefit to the larger community.

I had been using MSSQL 2000 awhile back and each system that I installed the newer version to had it.  I should have uninstalled 2000 first.  I just like to have a cleaner setup.  Plus drive space is an issue.  2000 version was taking up about 500 MB. 

After I uninstalled 2000, it removed my local server, so I had to re-install 2005.

I choose the following options when installing the software:

  • Just the SQL Server Database Services (not all the other stuff)
  • created a named instance
  • used the build in system account
  • used windows authentication mode



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