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Setting up java development JDK

July 8, 2011

If you want to write and compile java programs on your laptop, you will likely need to get the JDK installed first.  You may already have it, but does not come with standard Java RE (run time environment).  Took me a little while to find the correct JDK.  Steps:

Figure out which JDK version to use, depending on the OS of your device.

Download jdk as exe

Run the exe, installing the JDK on your device

Add the path of the \bin\ folder to the classpath variable “windows”. Look for instructions in the JDK for more detail

I did what this kid did, clever – when compiling over and over (building new and debugging) – and created a

1 – compile.bat and 2 – run.bat files

in the compile file, added the javac

in the run file, added java classname

done.  Use lots of good examples to add and expand to this idea.

A series of java programming tutorials on you tube.

There are many free IDEs available to assist when building Java programs.  Eclipse is probably the most popular but is a little heavy in terms of features.  I found bluejay, which seems to be a bit lighter.  Im using that for now, does a good job of showing relationships between classes and packages.


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