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Interfaces in OO

July 8, 2011

Good simple explanation of using Java to implement…

Good example of PHP implementation.

more detailed explanation of objects – inheritance – interfaces.

Explanation of interfaces with example in C

Good article on object interfaces and why they should be written in as abstract a manner as possible.  Author explains the purpose of the interface as the public contract that other objects in your system communicate with.  The author also discusses how well designed objects with human friendly interfaces deals with and defuses complexity as a system grows over time.  The initial design may be more complex, but the interface helps to mitigate the complex relationships that your objects have.  This is like the coldSpring or Spring frameworks and others that try to remove this complexity from your object model via another file that handles the relationships that collaborating objects have.

Remember dependency injection? The buzz word that describes the automatic setting of a dependency in an object.  In one case that i implemented using a service oriented architecture, my DAO objects where automatically *injected with knowledge of their service object that was used to handle the messaging between the application and the bus. domain.


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