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Why be an excellent OO programmer?

July 7, 2011

I don’t know everything about OOP, but trying to work through it is a mind adventure that is hard to beat.

Seriously, programming in general is hard but will provide you with lots of mental challenge and a rewarding career.

Pursue excellent not perfection.

Excellent is the “pursuit of betterment”.  Perfection implies perfect, which is an impossible paralyzing goal. Pursue excellence, but don’t expect things to be easy.  In your pursuit, you will make lots of mistakes, which is ok and expected.  Learn from the mistakes, failure is a great teacher. Don’t be afraid to try things before you completely understand them.

Look for better ways to do something.  Don’t think the way you are doing it now is the only way or the best way.  Pursuing excellent can be fun as it is an adventure with lots of dead ends, wrong turns and mistakes as well as ahas and mountain top experiences.

Don’t expect to understand something the first time you hear it.  It often takes many times of hearing something coupled with actually trying to do something with it that the grokking or learning occurs. There is no failure in the pursuit of excellent, only more knowledge.

When you look back at the code your wrote six months earlier, you should have a reaction like, “why did i do it that way?” or “that was dumb” or “I need to change that”.

When you change code  written previously, its called re-factoring and is a common part of the pursuit of excellence.


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